Thursday, December 18, 2014

Khosla to Judge: I Was Given an Unfair Trial

In the latest turn of events, on Dec. 16 attorneys for Vinod Khosla filed a notice of intent to move for a new trial.  Their reason?  Well, there were several, including "irregularity in the proceedings," "improper orders of the court," "abuse of discretion by the court," and "accident or surprise."

It would be nice if it could be said that this filing was an accident or surprise, but unfortunately Khosla's efforts to skirt the rules seem to be par for the course.

Khosla's attorneys also sent a letter this week, addressed to the California Coastal Commission, in response to the Dec. 8 letter sent by Commission staff to Steven Baugher, manager of Martins Beach I and II, LLCs.  In the letter, they cop to the apparent reason that the gate is still closed to the public, despite Judge Mallach's Final Order that ordered the gate to be opened: bad weather.

In the Judge's order, she stated that the gate was to be opened to the same extent that it was at the time of purchase.  In Richard Deeney's testimony in the case, he stated that he would close the gate when there was bad weather, when there wasn't someone to take money at the gate, or when he felt like it.  So Khosla's attorneys are attempting to justify continued, uninterrupted closure of the gate based on those specific words in Mr. Deeney's testimony, despite the reality that the gate was not permanently closed for "bad weather" or any other reason when the property was owned by the Deeney family. 

A response from the court is awaited. 

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