Want to get involved in the campaign?  
See involvement opportunities below and CONTACT US for more information.

    • Sign the petition to the State Lands Commission supporting the access acquisition process outlined in Senate Bill 968 to open Martin’s Beach
    • Write to Vinod Khosla, who owns the property adjacent to the beach, to ask him to begin a dialogue with the community about access to Martin's Beach: 
    • Tweet Vinod Khosla and encourage him to open Martin's Beach at: @vkhosla
    • At any point in the campaign, it may be appropriate to organize an action event, such as a protest, a paddle out, a letter-writing campaign, or otherwise.  If you would like to be on-call for participation in such an event, please let us know
    • Beach Cleanup:  Volunteers are needed to establish a regular beach cleanup effort to pick up any trash and, perhaps just as important, establish a presence at the beach to detour trash and vandalism.