Friday, November 8, 2013

CNN Covers Martin's Beach Access Battle

Holy news coverage, Batman!  In the wake of the oral decision on the California Constitutional right to access case, involving Santa Cruz-based firm Redenbacher & Brown representing the "Friends of Martin's Beach" against the property owners of the land adjacent to Martin's Beach, there has been a notable spurt of news coverage about the access issue.  The issue has gone global! From the L.A. Times and SF Chronicle domestically, to The Register in the UK, to the Business Insider in Australia, to India West, and now to CNN. 

Check out the latest TV news coverage by CNN on our YouTube video channel, where you can also watch other videos about Martin's Beach.

Perhaps even more notable is some of the commentary following the coverage.  Certainly U.S. followers have had plenty to say about the ruling and the issue in general, but international readers are aghast that something like this--a billionaire landowner blocking public access to land and waters of the state--could be allowed to happen.  

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